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More information on Bring Me Hope

More information on Love without Boundaries

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More information on Half The Sky.

More information on Project LOOK.



Welcome to AdoptionWebsites.net and MyChinaJourney.com. This site was created to assist families who are going through the adoption process by helping them create a web site to share with their family, friends and loved ones. Although this site is geared towards the adoption of Chinese children we will create a site for families adopting from any country. All proceeds from these sites are donated to Bring Me Hope.

I am pleased to provided a link to an adoptive family's website. The site is Suitemates Publishing and they have written and published a book from the childs perspective. Please take a look. (read more...)

This heartwarming story tells the story of Maya, a panda bear living in an orphanage in China. She, along with her best friend, Elsa, learn about mommies and daddies. They both hope to be a part of a family someday. Will that day ever come for them? Then, all different kinds of bears come to take baby pandas home. Maya sees that love and families come in all different packages.


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